Job Offer

Over the weekend I got an unexpected and very welcome phone call from my former flight instructor and owner of the flight school I train at. He wanted to express personally how excited he was that I was coming back to train again and wanted to offer me a job as a dispatcher! He told me how highly he thought of me, that I had great character and was a person that he could trust to be responsible; I was flattered to say the least. What does this mean for me besides the obvious benefit of income? I get the employee rates for airplane rental and instruction fees, a benefit that will likely save me thousands of dollars. I also get to network with everyone at the company, many of which are heading to the airlines as well.

I think this situation highlights the importance of networking, not just in a tight-knit group like pilots, but for any career. It is so important to make good impressions and put you best foot forward, it is much more personal and powerful than any well-written resume. Someday that phone call might come your way, mine did and it has gotten me one step closer to that sweet office in the sky.


~ by Marcus on September 6, 2010.

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  1. This is great!

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