Commercial License Continued..

It has been awhile since I posted. Last week I only ended up flying once. I also keep forgetting to bring the camera OR to take pictures when I do bring it. I took some today, however.

I finished my job plane washing. STILL waiting to see when I will get to work in the office. In the meantime, I’ll be picking up international students flying into SFO. Its a cool gig, .50 cents to the mile and the radio blasting make it fun.

My last flight was full of steep turns, short/soft field landings, and simulated engine failures. Today’s flight was full of steep turns, chandelles (explained in the next Commercial Maneuvers post), and simulated engine failures.

Today was the first frustrating day of my commercial training. It happens to every pilot and during every license, trust me. What causes it? Difficult weather, new airplane, stress or fatigue, being off your game, or a combination of factors. Today was a combination of new airplane and being off my game. I was flying the other Arrow on the flight line and was having all kinds of trouble landing/keeping the thing trimmed. Frustration in the cockpit can quickly build upon itself, causing one mistake to turn into many. On a positive note, I took some artsy black and white photos for your enjoyment.

Climbing out of LVK

Climbing out of Byron to LVK

Next week I need to accomplish a cross-country requirement: 2 hours of daytime flight 100 miles away and 2 hours of nighttime flight 100 miles away. I’ll be heading to Chico or some other place at least 100 miles away to accomplish this. One leg during the evening (day), one leg at night! I’ve missed night flying so much.

Till next week..


~ by Marcus on October 7, 2010.

One Response to “Commercial License Continued..”

  1. Must be a little more serious if you are off game while you are flying than when I am off game at my computer. See you got out of it well.

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