Chandelles! And Other Stuff Too..

So, it’s been awhile. What have I been up to? Not a lot of flying. But this is going to change very soon! I started working in the office at my flight school, and after a busy two weeks of training (hence the lack of updates), I’ve been reduced to one regular day of scheduled work: Saturdays. Not excited about working that particular day, but in the future I’ll be picking up more days.

So what’s it like working in the office? Not bad, get to talk to pilots all day, paid lunches when I actually get lunch (no lunch breaks on Saturdays), and it isn’t that hard. I make copies, talk on the phone, dispatch airplanes, and take care of the office cat among other duties. 10 hour work days are hard to get used to, however.

Ok, with that out of that way lets talk Chandelles. A Chandelle is a maximum performance 180° climbing turn. It is, in my humble opinion, the second easiest commercial maneuver. The idea is to make a 180° turn while gaining as much altitude as possible.

To perform a Chandelle we enter the maneuver at or below Va, or the maneuvering speed. First, we establish a 30° bank angle then increase power while increasing elevator back pressure to enter a climb. The idea is that in the first 90° of the turn one should maintain the 30° bank while increasing the climb until the airspeed drops just below the stall speed. During the next 90° the bank angle is decreased while the climb pitch is maintained with the airspeed kept just below stalling.

This maneuver is designed, according to my book, to “help you develop good coordination habits and refine the use of aircraft controls at varying airspeeds and flight attitudes.” My instructor put it in layman’s terms: “imagine you are flying in the clouds and suddenly there is a mountain right in front of you, you need to turn and climb as fast as you fucking can.”

I’ve got a picture or two to share. My flight instructor and I agree: it’s maddening that we cannot capture the true beauty we see day in and day out on the camera I’m using. Upgrade? Maybe.

Mt. Diablo and Los Vaqueros Reservoir

The Blogger Himself

Last week we did Eights-on-Pylons, another commercial maneuver. In the future I will be starting to fly 2-3 times a week which should make life very busy coupled with work and studying for the commercial written exam. Busy is always better though, especially when it’s what you love that’s keeping you busy.


~ by Marcus on November 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Chandelles! And Other Stuff Too..”

  1. As Always – VERY INTERESTING!!!!!

  2. you should probably get a video camera for birthday/christmas! speaking of which, what are we doing for our dual december bdays?

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