Commercial Written Exam: Passed

Soooo it has been awhile since the last update, again! Things are picking up and moving quick, and after some time off from training I find myself struggling to keep up.

I passed the written exam for the Commercial License this week with a nice 95% score. It was 100 questions long and took me about half of the 3 allotted hours to take. The easy part is done. Many people are under the impression that this some how gets me the license. In reality, most aviation licenses require 3 steps:

  1. The Written Exam – A test given on the computer (previously written) with knowledge about the material a pilot should know for the license. This is the easiest step as the question banks (633 questions for the commercial) are made public.
  2. The Oral Exam – This and step 3 happen on the same day. On the “checkride day” you meet with an designated FAA examiner and are questioned orally about many aspects of flying and the license. This is MUCH harder, in my opinion, than the written exam.
  3. The Practical Test – Basically, get up in the air and show the examiner what you got. Every maneuver must be performed to test standards. It’s not easy performing at your best while crammed inside a cockpit with someone watching your every move.

The airplane I fly is finally out of maintenance. I’m scheduled to fly at least twice a week (weather will play a large role in whether that actually happens) with my instructor. This week we flew once, got weathered out once. We did some power-off 180’s and Lazy Eights, two commercial maneuvers I’ll explain in a different post. Here are some black-and-white perspectives from the world above taken on the flight this week:

California Hills

270° Right Turn Departure Over Byron

Maneuvers Over the Central Valley

This weekend I hope to accomplish the long cross-country for the Commercial License which will take me 250 nm away from my home airport, the furthest I’ve ever gone. Klamath Falls, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas are some of the possible destinations… should make for a good blog post! And hopefully these posts become more frequent as I start flying more…


~ by Marcus on December 8, 2010.

One Response to “Commercial Written Exam: Passed”

  1. this is rad. good luck with everything, brocus. see you over winter, jah?

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