Ferry Flight, The Medical, and Bad Weather

I’ll start from the end of the title: the weather has been absolutely horrible. The last three weeks have been stormy, cloudy, foggy, and windy. Great for the guys training instrument flight rules right now, not so great for everyone else. The fast pace of training has again ground to a halt.

In the meantime, I went out and upgraded my third class medical to a first class. The first class is a little stricter, requiring 20/20 corrected far-sight vision, but the examination is easy for someone my age with no serious medical history. The first class is valid for a year, but can be used as a second and third class after that year has passed.

The one day the weather was actually good I got a call from the office offering me the chance to do a ferry flight. Obviously, I said yes. One of our Cessna 152s was stranded in Watsonville (WVI) and needed to be picked up. Apparently, the guy flying it did not check the weather for the return flight and got stuck there. We hopped my boss’s Cessna 172 SP and flew down there.

Climbing Over Clouds

I was in absolute awe of the plane, cruising at about 160 mph with the autopilot on. I’ve never seen an autopilot in action before, and it was an amazing thing to watch the plane fly itself.

East of San Jose Heading South

Coming up to Watsonville my boss disengaged the autopilot as we had to climb over some clouds hugging the mountains surrounding Watsonville. As we climbed the valley below and the Monterey Bay came in to view.

Climbing Over Clouds

After cruising over the tops on the clouds we entered a rapid descent into the valley. The runway was directly ahead of us but we had about 2,000 ft of extra altitude so he entered a side-slip and we got down to the approach path an a hurry.

Approach shot #1

Approach Shot #2

We taxied in and had some lunch at the Mexican restaurant on the field. We fueled up the stranded C-152 and parted ways. He beat me by a long shot back to Livermore as the C-152 cruises at almost half the speed.

View From the Restaurant

Monterey Bay

The “Pickle” Safely Back Home

I never know where the job is going to take me and I love it. What was a boring day turned into a sweet trip down to Watsonville, free lunch and flight hours, and another amazing experience during my journey to the flight levels.


~ by Marcus on December 22, 2010.

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  1. i am enjoying your blogs especially your pictures. Omi

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