Video Blog: Night Flight

I officially suck at updating this blog. In my defense, I haven’t had much to write about lately. A flight here and there, but mostly weather cancellations. If it’s not cloudy, raining, or foggy, its extremely windy. The other day we had a direct crosswind of up to 28 knots. The joys of flight training in the winter.

On a positive note, I am getting most of my maneuvers down to test standards. I went on a flight last week with a different instructor to gain a new teaching perspective. Two more flights this week with him, then its back to my original instructor. Hopefully by the end of this month (weather gods permitting) I’ll be ready for my checkride.

When I’m not working or flying, I’m studying. I’m in the first week of what should end up being an intense three-week long study session. My method for studying is to learn the material to the level at which I could teach it to someone else. And anyone who is lending an ear around me these days is being taught something about flying. Not only is this the ultimate level in understanding the material, it will certainly help me when I am an instructor.

On to the video: In a previous post I had a lot of trouble explaining how beautiful flying at night is. My current (and soon to be retired) camera just cannot capture it. I came across a video last week that does a good.. no, great.. no, extraordinary job at capturing the magic. It’s taken from the front seat of an airliner on approach and landing into LAX (Los Angeles International) during sunset. I’m currently looking into portable mounts for cameras that would allow me to duplicate this video in my own way.

I’ll make a conscious effort to update next week!


~ by Marcus on February 7, 2011.

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