Ebbs and Flows of Flight Training

Each time the tide recedes, it leaves an entire ecosystem stranded, hanging on for dear life, waiting for the ocean to rise and bring back that which sustains life. Sometimes, on great journeys, one will hit a low much like the low of a tide. Feeling stuck, stranded, looking for something to breath life back into the heart, muscles, and mind that drive us forward. This is where I was yesterday, feeling low and lacking motivation. Another flight canceled, this time an alternator failure on the aircraft I was going to fly. It had been almost two weeks since the last flight, and people were saying I was cursed. I was starting to believe in superstition. Maybe I was cursed. I was stuck. I felt like quitting. It was the low of the tide. For every ebb there is a flow, and just as fast as the tide recedes, it rises again fresh and new. Today, my motivation is through the roof. I went flying today. No, let me re-emphasize, I Went Flying Today, and it was a perfect day. I am now endorsed and scheduled for my Commercial License checkride. March 16th is the day. The tide is high, life is flourishing, the dream is alive and well.

More soon…


~ by Marcus on February 23, 2011.

One Response to “Ebbs and Flows of Flight Training”

  1. Fabulous…just knew you would reach that greater height!

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